Rockport, Massachusetts

Photo Credit: Massachusetts Office Of Travel & Tourism

A Brief History of Rockport

Rockport, MA is a small seaside community that lies at the northernmost tip of Cape Ann. The Town of Rockport was incorporated in 1840 after the first granite quarries were developed. Rockport granite was shipped throughout the East Coast, particularly during the Industrial Revolution. After the demand for granite decreased, Rockport thrived as an artists’ colony due to its rocky beaches, quaint fishing shacks, and colorful fishing boats.

Exploring Rockport From The Byway

Rockport features miles of scenic sandy beaches, granite shores, and peaceful walking trails through coastal forests and glades to explore. Byway travelers can also tour Rockport’s vibrant artist colony, visit the famous Motif #1, and dine and drink at incredible seaside restaurants.

Back Beach

34 Broadway , Rockport, MA 1966

Bearskin Neck

Bearskin Neck , Rockport, MA 1966

Charlie's Charters

415 Main Street , Rockport, MA 1966

Dogtown (Dogtown Common or Dogtown Village)

Cherry Street , Rockport, MA

Front Beach

34 Broadway , Rockport, MA 1966

Halibut Point State Park

16 Gaffield Avenue , Rockport, MA 1966

Long Beach

34 Broadway , Rockport, MA 1966

Motif #1

Bradley Wharf , Rockport, MA 1966

Paper House

52 Pigeon Hill St , Rockport, MA 1966

Rockport Art Association & Museum

12 Main Street , Rockport, MA 1966

Rockport Cultural District

34 Broadway , Rockport, MA 1966

Rockport Information Center

33 Commercial St. , Rockport, MA 1966

Rockport Music-Shalin Liu Performance Center

37 Main St. , Rockport, MA 1966

Sewall-Scripture House (Sandy Bay Historical Society)

40 King Street , Rockport, MA 1966

Straitsmouth Island Light Station (1835)

74 Marmion Way , Rockport, MA 1966

William Greenbaum Fine Prints

98 South Street , Rockport, MA 1966