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The Essex Coastal Scenic Byway

About The Byway

The Essex Coastal Scenic Byway is a 90-mile roadway along the North Shore of Massachusetts that links 14 coastal communities from Lynn, MA to Salisbury, MA. The byway features scenic views, period architecture, historic sites, and recreational opportunities.

Preserving The Coastal Byway

The byway lies within the Essex National Heritage Area. The Essex National Heritage Commission is a federally-authorized non-profit organization that works to oversee and preserve the area’s historical and cultural heritage. 

Essex Heritage worked to secure state Scenic Byway designation and federal funding with the twin goals of preserving the roadway’s intrusive qualities and spurring investment in its infrastructure, attractions, and amenities. This funding also helped create a comprehensive management plan that is guiding community and regional leaders in their efforts to implement tourism-based economic development.


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