Newbury, Massachusetts

Photo Credit: Drew Collins

A Brief History of Newbury, MA

Coastal Byway Miles: 8.3

Newbury, MA was first settled in 1635 as a cattle-raising enterprise. The commercial center of Newbury divided off in 1764 to form what we know today as Newburyport. This action relegated Newbury to a rural fishing community. Today, the town is a quiet New England community rich in heritage.

Exploring Newbury From The Byway

The Scenic Byway takes travelers past historic buildings and sweeping Great Marsh vista. Nature lovers have plenty of opportunities to explore the coastal scenery. Rent a kayak to explore the Parker River or hike the Old Town Hill trails.

Colby Farm

50 Scotland Rd , Newbury, MA 1951

Dole-Little House

289 High Road , Newbury, MA 1951

Newbury Historic District

High Rd. Green and Hanover Streets , Newbury, MA 1951

Old Town Hill

572 Essex Street , Newbury, MA 1951

Ould Newbury Golf Club

319 Newburyport Turnpike, Newbury, MA 01951, USA

Oulde Towne Gardens

157 High Street , Newbury, MA 1951

Pink House

60 Plum Island Turnpike , Newbury, MA 1951

Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm

5 Little's Lane , Newbury, MA 1951

Swett-Ilsley House

4 High Road , Newbury, MA 1951

Tendercrop Farm

108 High Road , Newbury, MA 1951

Tristram Coffin House

15 High Road , Newbury, MA 1951