Martin Burns Wildlife Management Area (Downfall Management Area)

Also known as the Downfall Wildlife Management Area, the protected lands of the Martin Burns Wildlife Management Area in Newbury is part of the mosaic of protected land conserved throughout the region. The property consists of hardwood forest with dense understory. Rocky hills dot the property with 3 small fire ponds. Much of low area is poorly drained and seasonally wet. Headwaters of Cart Creek and Little River within this property. The property is great for birding, species of note include: Woodcock, whip-poor-wills, warblers, and flycatchers are featured birds during spring migration. Nesting forest residents include thrushes, woodpeckers, ruffed grouse, scarlet tanagers, rose-breasted grosbeaks, and many other songbirds. In the fields watch and listen for indigo buntings, field sparrows, prairie warblers, and blue-winged warblers. Both tree swallows and eastern bluebirds use the many nest boxes found around the property. This place is great for a wide range of nesting species as well. Size: 1555 acres.


Orchard Street Newbury, MA 1951

Driving Directions

I-95 to Central St/Byfield Exit. Central Street east to Orchard St (3/4 mile) Turn left on Orchard St and drive approx 1 mile to parking and field office on left.

Notes & Advisories

Viewing Information: A field office is located on this property that is staffed part-time at 978-465-8012. On Saturdays and holidays in October and November, the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is VERY popular with pheasant hunters. The WMA is stocked with pheasants during those months. On weekdays during those month from mid-morning to mid-afternoon there is much less hunting activity. Visitors to this area from October through December should wear blaze orange cap or vest for visibility. Statewide, hunting is prohibited on Sundays.


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