Massachusetts Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources (BUAR)

Ongoing Education Programming: Educational resources available through BUAR include a library/resource center; school visits; speakers (lectures); volunteer information

Library/resources: BUAR staff provide researchers with assistance and site file review.

Current public lecture presentation:

  • Hidden History: Underwater Archaeology in Massachusetts
  • Finding the First Minot’s Ledge Lighthouse: “I shall…die in the performance of my duty”
  • Underwater Archaeology: 17th Century Nipmuc Mishoonahs in Lake Quinsigamond
  • The American War of Independence Battle of Chelsea Creek: Grounding the Historical Narrative through Cultural Landscape Analysis
  • Drift Wood, Stone Circles, Three Canoes, a Lost Lighthouse and a Piano: Stories of Collaboration and Engaging the Public

School visits:

  • This includes any of the above listed public presentations. With the general overview presentation (Underwater Archaeology in Massachusetts), actual artifacts are displayed and students are allowed to handle non-delicate artifacts.
  • Hands-on classroom mock shipwreck (photo-mosaic) mapping exercise
  • Hands-on classroom mock shipwreck (photo-mosaic) excavation exercise (small group)

Volunteer program: The Shoreline Heritage Identification Partnership Strategy (SHIPS) is BUAR’s effort to engage the public to facilitate site discovery/reporting and promote responsible public involvement. Through collaborate with local historical societies and museums, BUAR endeavors to preserve the historical and archaeological properties of our coasts. A training component is currently under development. A simple reporting form (PDF, 104 KB) is available and no special skills are needed.

For those individuals seeking more formal citizen scientist training, BUAR in partnership with the Seafaring Education and Maritime Archaeological Heritage Program (SEAMAHP) is offering training field training opportunities. These include Summer Institute on Maritime Archaeology of the North Shore at Salem State University (3 credit hour one-week field school; non-diving) and internationally recognized certificate program of the Nautical Archaeology Society.

There are currently no fees associated with the BUAR’s education programs. To schedule an educational program, contact BUAR at:, (617) 626-1014


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