Lee House

Significance: This house was built in 1720, probably by Samuel Lee, housewright. It would have had only two stories originally, with two rooms upstairs, two down, and a south-facing entrance. The house is now three stories and it is thought to have been done by raising the top floor and inserting a new second story. There are many fine details that verify the age and explanation of the addition. Wooden trenails are showing in all corners and corner beams on the first and third floors while the second floor does not have any. The second floor is finished with plastered walls instead of paneling as on the first and third floors. The gambrel roof may have been added at the same time as the addition. It has the remains of a secret stairwell.


78 School Street Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 1944

Driving Directions

From Route 128 North, take exit 15 (School Street – Manchester) and merge onto School Street.


Notes & Advisories


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