Hood Pond

Hood Pond is an expansive 100-acre pond, nestled in and amongst lush woodlands, wetlands and rushing streams. White cedar grows in the swamp that surrounds the pond, a rare phenomenon, due to the felling of these trees for use as fence posts in the colonial era. A rare species of butterfly nests in the tops of the white cedars, and bog lemmings can sometimes be found in the swamps. The most common forest trees include oaks, shagbark hickory, red and sugar maples, white birch, white pine and hemlock. The forest floor is carpeted with club mosses, lady’s slippers, starflower, partridgeberry, Canada mayflower and violets. Hood Pond is located within Willowdale State Forest, which offers more than 40 miles of trails.


Ipswich, MA 1938

Driving Directions

Take Interstate 95 to exit 50 to Route 1. Take Route 1 north towards Topsfield. Travel 4 miles to Ipswich Road. Take a right onto Ipswich Road. Follow Ipswich Road for approximately 2 miles. Ipswich Road will turn into Topsfield Road once you are in Ipswich. There will be two turn outs on the right hand side for parking.

Notes & Advisories

Hiking, cross-country skiing and biking. Fishing and non-motorized boating allowed on Hood Pond. Dogs are allowed if leashed. Be aware that hunting in season is permitted and that you share these woods with hunters in November and December.


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