Peter Woodbury House

Significance: The house retains integrity of location, materials, design, and workmanship in its surviving First-Period single-cell core. Removal of boxing on the ground floor is likely to reveal the rest of the decorated frame which will yeild important information on late seventeenth century decoration. The paired transverse summer beams represent regional framing variation worthy of further study. The raised cove stops with pips are a particularly rare chamfer stop type found mainly in Essex county and worthy of preservation. The present configuration of the house is a good example of how First-Period single-cell houses grew in subsequent generations. Designations: National Register of Historic Places (1990).


82 Dodge St , Beverly MA 1915

Driving Directions

Take route 1A north (Dodge Street) off Route 128 in Beverly. After passing the CVS store the Peter Woodbury House is on the left at the corner of Dodge Street and Frankwood Ave.


Notes & Advisories

Exterior viewing only.


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